Maiko at Yasaka shrine

I went to Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto on February 2. I pray to protect me from disaster at the shrine every year. It takes 45 minuets by train to Kyoto from Osaka. I was lucky to see Snowy Landscape Kyoto. I show the pictures that I took at the day! I took the pictures without a tripod, because I didn't expect snow in Kyoto.

Maiko is young girl who will become geisha. They are professional female entertainers who perform traditional Japanese arts such as playing instruments, singing, dancing.


Yasaka shrine

Tatsumi Bridge in snow

Winter stillness in Gion
Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring. It is the 3rd of February. Setsubun festivals were observed at the shrines on February 2, 3. We scatter beans to drive demons (Oni) out and summon good luck.

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