Hosts and host's assistants
We enjoyed Hatsugama in early January. Hatsugama is the First Tea gathering of the New Year.
The setting of the tea room
The hanging scroll, the seasonal flowers arranged as if growing in the field,
and willow is the special auspicious decoration for the New Year.The kettle, the fresh-water container.
The Way of Tea, Chado has four concepts: wa, kei, sei, and jaku.
They means harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.
*We can embody tranquility only when we can make harmony, respect and purity our own.
Host's assistant's bow means "Please have this bowl of tea", and it also express respect for the guest. Guest makes a bow to express gratitude for the warm

Say cheese! In front of the tokonoma. Tokonoma means alcove. *The tokonoma is the most sacred space in the tea room.

I usually ware kimono when I go to a Tea gathering not to forget how to ware this Japanese traditional clothes.

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